When their anniversary date comes around, husbands and wives are sometimes at a loss, scampering for wedding anniversary
We’ll begin by saying when wedding invitations should be sent out; this way you’ll know how much time you have to plan f
Gay weddings have attracted more attention than the community would have preferred over the last few years. While the me
Do you remember the day you met your future mate? Maybe it was love at first sight, or maybe you had to grow on each oth
Brilliant Earth is a retailer of fine jewelry that emphasizes ethical diamond sourcing. In fact, they take their ethical
Everyone wants their dream wedding. Unfortunately in life you have things like budgets that can really put the brakes on

Selecting Wedding Songs

Selecting wedding songs is a very important part of preparing for your special day. Every couple wants the songs played
A wedding is such an important event for everybody involved. Anyone getting married wants to make this event, from the c
“Promises are made to be broken” so the saying goes. Aren’t vows akin to promises? Doesn’t the North American divorce r
So there you are daydreaming about what style profile your wedding will take on . . . you flip through catalogs wonderin

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