Your parents may have done it. Your grandparents did for sure because divorce was not an option in their day and you may
When it comes to divorce, the hard part is telling all the other people in your life what is going on. When it comes to
Who coined the term amicable divorce? This implies that a divorce can be about as friendly as a walk down the street whe
In the movies, the classic break-ups normally involve a broken vase, a lot of shouting, some choice words, and a door sl
There is nothing fun about the entire divorce process. From start to finish, it can drain the energy and life out of two
When divorce strikes, the pain is often felt the most by the children involved. If you scroll Facebook, or know anyone s
All across this world there are women pacing through their houses, driving their souped up mini-vans down the road wonde
Apparently, since half of us married people, will eventually be divorced, discussing the pros and cons of divorce is an
It feels like Remember those days in school when the principal handed you a note addressed to your parents, and you knew
In my years as a family court judge, I experienced many divorces where  parties could not settle their case because of a

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