There really are no winners in a dog fight. Whether you have two dogs at home who dislike each other or your dog gets in
Many movies portray dogs with destructive behavior in a comedic light. But in real life, discovering that your pet has c
It was one of the last appointments of the day and was with a lovely senior lady who I loved to see with her poodle. I w
When it comes to helping your dog (and you) live longer experts agree exercise tops the list. And let’s face it; we all
When our pets get older, its common for us to start to notice health issues.  Although we want to do everything we can t
There is a special unbreakable bond people share with their pets. The companionship and intensity of it are lost to them
A dog and a bone seems as natural a combination as peanut butter and jelly. If you don’t believe it, you can show a bone
The presence of diarrhea in dogs should always be cause for concern. There are a plethora of causes of both acute and ch
Finding a tick on yourself or your dog can be an extremely frightening experience. Not only are ticks nasty to look at,
Coccidia are a type of parasite that all pet owners should be aware of. Most commonly seen in puppies and kittens, Cocci

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