How to Care for a Persian Cat

Properly caring for you Persian cat is the same for caring for most other cats with one big exception: that beautiful Pe
If your cat has a cough, there are several potential causes. Cats do not normally cough, so when they do, it is importan
Fat Fluffy and Portly Penny may seem like they are rather cute, waddling into the kitchen for their food and cautiously
In 1978, rocker Ted Nugent had a hit single with the song Cat Scratch Fever. Each year about 24,000 families learn that
The car is all packed, the kids are buckled in, there are snacks and drinks within easy reach, there is a road map in th
It can be terrifying to discover that your cat has blood in its stool. The presence of blood in the stool, or “hematoche

Cat Health Concerns

If you are thinking about getting a cat, or already have one, it is important to be familiar with some major cat health
One of the biggest and most exciting times in anyone’s life is when he or she gets a new pet for the home, and this is p
All sleep and no play makes Tiger a dull kitty. True cat lovers know which cat toys make their cats jump (and scamper) f
There are many vaccines that new cat owners are encouraged to have performed on their cat to protect against rabies, fel

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