Buying Sleepers – Keeping your Baby Warm at Night


It is hard to walk through the baby aisle of your favorite store without stopping to coo at every cute and comfy piece of clothing adorning the racks. Most infants and babies have more clothes in the closet than they could ever use, and it isn’t until they become mobile that parents realize there are some clothes that work and others that clearly don’t! When it comes to sleeping gear, buying sleepers that fit and are comfortable can be critical to how well your child sleeps.

In the first few months, millions of moms prefer the easy to navigate gown sleepers. This way their baby’s tootsies can stay ultra warm, diaper changes are a breeze and you don’t have to worry about undressing and redressing your baby every time you turn around. Buying sleepers for your newborn should be about two things, comfort, and ease of use. Most infant clothing should also be fire retardant. No matter how cute the gown is, before you throw it in your shopping cart – take a peak at the label and make sure that it is hot water safe and easy to throw in and out of the washer and dryer. Any seasoned mom will tell you that if something doesn’t wash well – you just won’t have the time or inclination to use it. Once your newborn becomes a little more mobile, the gown sleepers can become a bit of an annoyance, trapping their legs and feet as they try to kick and wiggle. Also, be sure you are not over dressing your infant. While bundling them up in blankets is a mother instinct, newborns do not regulate body temperature very well. One of the conditions that often leads to SIDS is a baby being dressed too warmly.

Babyhood brings with it fast changes. You will realize that you have two choices when it comes to buying sleepers…footed or not and one-piece or two. Some moms, couldn’t live a day without their footed sleepers. During the cooler months, it is by far the easiest way to dress a baby and you never have to worry about searching for lost socks in the car or under the crib mattress. The important thing at this age is to purchase ones that are long enough for your baby to move comfortably. Many sleepers have short legs which can bind your baby’s toes and cause discomfort. If your baby is colicky or easily frustrated you may find that the footless pajamas work best. The benefit to buying sleepers that are two-piece is that it is much easier to do diaper changes, especially when your baby is asleep. If you have to pull off an entire outfit to change a diaper, the cool air and commotion will definitely cause a stir in your baby. Benefit #2 to buying sleeping gear in two pieces is that if one piece of it becomes soiled, you don’t have to toss out the whole outfit. This can mean a little less laundry; which at some point you will definitely realize is a bonus.

Soon enough your baby will be mobile. Walking and crawling all over the place. While the traditional footed and fuzzy sleeper with treads on the bottom of the feet seem like an easy option, you may find yourself wrestling with tangled feet as they roll around on the floor. You also have to be careful about the zippers, making sure you don’t inadvertently zip up their skin when dressing them in a hurry. Again, diaper changes will take more time and if your baby doesn’t tend to enjoy being changed, you may spend a lot of time trying to hold them down in order to get off the sleeper. Consider buying sleepers at this age that are sturdy and provide comfort. The blanket sleepers may be the perfect thing to put your child to bed in, especially if they are prone to kicking off covers.

Once your child is running through the house, sleepers in general may become a thing of the past. This is where instead of buying sleepers, buying pajamas becomes the focus of your attention. Remember that pajamas should be lightweight so your child does not get too warm or overheated. Bare feet may be best, especially if you have hard wood floors – and these will help them keep their grip and balance when cruising around the house. If you have a favorite blanket sleeper that your child loves, one tip is to cut the feet out of it if it becomes too short for your child. This way they can wear socks and shoes and still wear their favorite sleeper.

As you shop for your child, whether you are buying sleepers or other baby gear – keep in mind that they are continuously growing. You can spend a small fortune dressing your child. Some of the sleepers and pajama sets you can buy will have extendable arms and feet. These will allow them to last longer because you can simply fold them up while your baby is smaller. Look for clothes that are cotton and durable and try to stay away from sleepers and gear that has ruffles or fringe which can be an irritant to your baby. Cutting out the tags is also important as they can leave red patches on the back of their neck and cause fussiness. If your baby seems uncomfortable in the clothes they are wearing, then go for the onesie sleeper and a diaper with a pair of great socks that don’t fall off. While it is fun to dress your baby for show, once they are up and moving about you will find that your day is much easier when they are in clothes that are easy to change, care for and comfortable.

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