5 Ways to Make Managing Livestock Easier


Managing livestock is one of the most difficult things a person can do.  The average ranch has 35 cattle, and beyond that, there are often chickens, pigs, and other animals to keep track of.  A full farm is many full-time jobs crammed together: making it nearly impossible to keep everything in order.

These are the top five ways to keep managing livestock far easier on you.

Kee Every Animal’s Needs In Mind

Large animals like horses, cattle, and steer all have blind spots directly behind them.  This area makes it easier to startle them, which can quickly lead to you or your ranch or farmhands getting hurt. 

Regardless of which type of livestock you’re raising, pay attention to their needs, whether it’s blindspots, if an animal is skittish, or if they need to be soothed when locked into a chute.  This will make them behave, ensuring that you don’t have to struggle through your days working with them.

Label Them Clearly

If you can tag your cattle, pigs, or sheep: do it.  Tagging ensures that you can keep your eyes on which animal is which.  Although we like to think we can memorize every animal and tell you the year they were born and from what mates, it’s not always possible. And the more livestock you have, the harder it gets.

That’s why it’s a good idea to tag or label your animals in some way so that they have to identify numbers on them, which can help your records and give you a chance to locate them if they get off of your property.

Use A Smart Software to Keep Track of Them

Writing down everything from their weight to their age and when they have their shots and medication can be a lot to take on for every single animal on your property.  

Instead, Angus information management software can gather this information for you and make it easier on you when you want to know how old an animal is or if it’s losing weight.  This type of software saves you the trouble of keeping track of things on paper and gives you the chance to move your property into the future of livestock.

Train any Ranch or Farm Hands Thoroughly

If you have ranch or farmhands: you need to train them thoroughly.  Please don’t assume they’ll treat the animals right or that they’ll understand why you do things a certain way.

Try to explain the importance of everything to them, and help them remember that these are living animals that you’re in charge of caring for until they’re ready to be processed.  Although this can take extra time, well-cared-for animals create better products and make the job easier.

Make It Easier On Your Animals

Consider what you can do to make your animals’ lives easier.  This could mean updating their watering canisters so that they’re well-hydrated or opening up more field space to them so that they can graze more grass throughout the year.

These animals are your products, after all; it’s important to take great care of them so that they’ll help you continue to succeed.

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