The Most Common Health Issues for Senior Dogs


When our pets get older, it’s common for us to start to notice health issues.  Although we want to do everything we can to ensure they’re properly cared for and loved, some problems are unfortunately common.

These are the most common health issues senior dogs have, and how you can help their quality of life.

Hearing and Vision Loss

Dogs naturally hear and see better than the average human, yet age can wear down these senses.  Senior dogs are also prone to developing cataracts, leading to partial or total blindness.

If your home has a dog that’s suffering from the loss of either of these senses, it’s a good idea to consider how you communicate with your dog and how you can help it.  Think about everything from how you get their attention, how you let them outside, how you approach them, and how you can minimize the stress in these situations.

Dementia and Cognitive Dysfunction

Dementia and cognitive dysfunction are stressful to go through for the entire family.  Not only is it sad to see your dog struggle like this, but it can also be hard to learn ways to help ease their stress from confusion and being disoriented.

This can lead to everything from seeming confused or lost to bathroom problems where they forget how to get outside or that they have to be outside to relieve themselves.  Please talk with your vet about what you can do to make things easier on them and relieve their stress.

Heart Problems

Heart disease develops as dogs age the same way it does in people.  Congestive heart failure happens when a dog’s heart can’t pump blood efficiently and causes fluid buildup within the heart, lungs, and chest cavity.

Symptoms of this can be coughing, trouble breathing, struggling to stay active, or even vomiting.  You can fight the chances of this by ensuring you get the right dog supplements when they’re younger, but if your dog is currently struggling with this, they should be checked by a vet immediately to figure out a life plan for their comfort.

Obesity and Joint Problems

Joint problems and obesity come hand in hand in older dogs: but some dogs suffer from mainly one ailment or the other.  A dog with joint issues will seem stiff and have a far harder time moving around and staying active.

Weight gain can be an early symptom of this, and the extra weight can cause even more stress on the joints.  Talk to your vet about what foods are the best for a dog with this issue, and consider getting orthopedic bedding that will be comfortable for your dog.

Our Pets Deserve Good Health At Any Age

Whether you’ve had your dog since it was a puppy, or you opened your home to a new elderly dog, you must get to know what health issues they may suffer from.  With regular check-ups with your vet and a keen eye for changes in their body language or behavior, you can help your pup stay healthy!

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