4 Ways to Give An Intellectually Gifted Child the Best Start in Life


We all want to do the best for our children and give them the best of everything. Most of us think our child is the best thing since sliced bread and are the brightest child among their peers. The majority of these views are just parents’ bias, and ego as the majority of children are not the next Einstein. However, sometimes a genius does come along, and if you believe that you have a genuinely intellectually gifted child, here are 4 ways to give them the best start in life.

Give Them the Right Tools

If your child seems more intellectually advanced than other children at a very young age, this may just be due to an early growth spurt. Just because a child seems like a genius compared to their peers at age two, it doesn’t mean that they will continue to outshine other kids.

As your child ages and their intellectual ability continues to soar, you can start to accept that you have a child prodigy on your hands and should do what you can to nurture their abilities. When they are young, encourage them to play with toys that develop their imagination, test their problem-solving skills, and hone their fine motor skills. Don’t be scared to let them play with toys designed for older children – just be careful of small parts which may be a choking hazard.

Be Smart With Their Education

When your child is gifted, one of the best things you can do is give them the best education you possibly can. This may not be financially viable if the best school in your area is a fee-paying one, and you should not feel guilty if you cannot afford it. You can still give your child the best education with the help of teachers at the local school, private tutors, and passing on some of your own skills and knowledge to your child.

If you wish your child to go to a school that has been awarded high accolades, contact some private preparatory school admissions departments for information and decide which would be the best educational path for your child to take.

Don’t Label Them

Don’t make a big deal of your child’s gift in front of other family members, friends or in public as it may make the child feel alienated and different, or superior and give them an ego. It is important that your child interacts with peers normally and isn’t singled out. If other kids resent your child or feel jealous, they may start to bully them, and your child will withdraw from society, blame their abilities and not develop them to their full potential.

Don’t Overwhelm Them

When you first become astounded at your child’s intellect, it can be tempting to bombard them with lots of new tasks to try in an attempt to develop their skills even further. Every child needs downtime to rest and unwind their mind. It is when they are at rest or quiet play that they may have wonderful ideas or the yearning to try something new.

Just remember to love and cherish your child but be aware that you are still the adult and should guide them in their choices. Never put them on a pedestal, as kids often become very stressed trying to live up to the image.

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