How To Personalize Your Wedding


Everyone wants their wedding days to be unique and special, but there is so much tradition surrounding weddings that sometimes it’s hard to see through this to find something that makes the day entirely yours. Yet when you think about it, your wedding day is really all about you – the two of you. Therefore, even if tradition says otherwise, it’s important to do your own thing and be comfortable with your ideas. So, if you want to step away from tradition and do something that will truly personalize your wedding, here are some ideas.

Wear A Colorful Dress

Traditionally, the wedding dress was always white. In more recent times, this has changed to become ivory or cream or a similar tone. Yet there is nothing to say that you can’t have a dress in any color you choose. So, if you have a favorite color and want to express that in your dress, go ahead and do it. Although guests will be surprised if you walk down the aisle in a pink, purple, or bright red dress, if you choose well, they’ll soon get used to it and be impressed at your ability to be yourself even on a day that’s full of tradition.

Change The Wedding Car

Classic wedding cars are beautiful things. They are classic, big, and wrapped in ribbon; there is no mistaking that they are transporting a bride and her father or a new husband and wife somewhere. Yet if you don’t like vintage cars, don’t want to ride with anyone, or have your own ideas, you don’t have to go down this route.

A wedding car doesn’t even have to be a car. You can use a motorcycle, a tractor, a horse, you can even have a carriage just like Cinderella. Before settling on the mode of transport, think about what’s going to be fun and memorable.

Pick The Band Carefully

Once the marriage ceremony is over, you’ll have a party to put on (assuming you choose to have a reception; you don’t have to, of course), and music will be a big part of that. With this in mind, make sure you pick the wedding singer or musicians carefully. Looking at a dedicated site like Alive Network is a good place to start as you’ll be able to determine exactly what each group’s musical style is and match it to your own. There is no point in having a band that plays music from the 70s and 80s if you love music from the 40s. There is no point in having a band that plays heavy metal if you want country. Choose the band that suits you best.

Change The Schedule

Most of the time, you’ll find that wedding ceremonies take place in the afternoon. This allows everyone to get ready, and when it comes to the food at the reception, it’s served at a time when people are actually going to be hungry.

However, you don’t have to go along these lines. If you like to get up early, why not have your wedding ceremony at sunrise? It’s unique and special and will create a magical moment. If you are night owls, then sunset could be a better option. As long as it’s what you want, that’s what matters.

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