What You Need to Know about Honeymoon Cruises


Cruises, in our modern world, have become one of the most romantic get ways for newlyweds. Offering the perfect “get away from it all’ wedding after party for love struck couples, set sail on a romantic adventure with one of these honeymoon cruises that are sure to make you special time the things that fairy-tales are made of!

Disney Cruise Lines

you’ll feel like a princess on this beautiful resort style cruise line where prices start in the Cinderella pre-glass-slipper range. For $899 dollars per person you have access to mystical magic sailing high upon the seven seas. Getaway to the upper deck for a little R&R in the sun or head to dinner where top guests, musical groups and movie stars make headline appearances. Or if you need a little more private setting get a couple’s massage at the delightful Disney spa where magic fingertips await your tired muscles.

One of the best things about choosing Disney honeymoon cruises is that it becomes the start of a lifetime tradition. Going back for anniversaries becomes twice as nice when you take your first bundle of joy along to see where mom and dad celebrated their new titles of Mr. and Mrs. Then, as years go by, go back with your grandchildren and relive the fairytale all over again.

Carnival Cruise Lines

One of the most romantic honeymoon cruises on the market, Carnival Cruise Lines Carnival Conquest is suited perfectly for newlyweds and loved birds alike. Delight yourselves in the reservation only supper club where elegant dining meets the open sea on beautiful Montego Bay. Great for rest and relaxation after the big day . . . or if you like HAVE the big day right on board with the Carnival onboard wedding chapel.

*For a bit of a heftier price tag board one of Carnival’s adult’s only cruises.

Celebrity Cruise Lines

Be a star aboard Celebrity Cruise Lines’s Millennium ship with a grown up feel and an elegant atmosphere. From five star dining to ball room style dance floors perfect for a midnight twirl beneath the stars, this cruise line was created for those who want to feel grown up and extravagant. Starting at only $780 per person, it’s a cheap price for luxury.

Return costumers rave that you shouldn’t miss out on the spa’s massage for couples. Or instead take the partner massage instructions back to your cabin where you and your new spouse can treat each other to a massage in private.

Beware the Weather

While the brochure promises nothing but sunny skies and peaceful waves always plan ahead. While your tiniest bikini may be just the thing to woo your new hubby, remember to pack comfortable clothes too. Far too many people get sunburned before they know it. Especially on the open water where UV rays reflects more violently. Also don’t forget a jacket and at least one long sleeve outfit. Another weather snafu of the open seas is that winds are MUCH cooler so it may not always be as warm and tropical as you might imagine.

Consider Your Health

While most cruise ships are required to have a doctor on board, it is still a good idea to take along everything you need, may need and numbers for emergency. Over the counter medications that most people like to have on board are as follows:

  • Tylenol and Motrin or generic equivalents
  • Motion sickness pills
  • Anti-diarrheal medications
  • Allergy
  • Birth Control/Contraceptives
  • Pepto Bismol

Don’t Forget the Necessities

So many people get caught up in planning the wedding that they forget about packing their honeymoon bag. If you are among the stressed and forgetful copy and paste this check list to be sure you don’t leave any stone left unturned:

  • Toothbrushes
  • Toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Hair dryer, styling tools, brushes
  • Makeup
  • Sunscreen, tanning oil
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Clothes, pajamas, underwear and bras
  • Beach cover up
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Camera, video camera, cell phone, laptop or PDA
  • Good read

Honeymoon cruises are different for everyone but finding the cruise ship and cruise sector that is right for you and your spouse is imperative. Keep in mind that many cruise ships have different specifications. Some are adult only and some allow kids with guardians. If you aren’t kid-people or at least not yet, you might consider an adult only cruise where you will be assured privacy. However, bear in mind that some adult only cruise lines carry an atmosphere that might not be marriage friendly. So make sure to do your homework to find out if you will feel comfortable on board.

For more information on honeymoon cruises, price cuts and specifics please visit your travel agent or try online spots like hotwire.com or Travelocity.com . . . all of which provide discounted prices on five star hotels, cruise lines and airline tickets.

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