Homeopathy uses minute amounts of medicine that cause similar symptoms in healthy people in order to homeopathic and alternative facilitate healing.

Did you know that soccer superstar David Beckham and tennis celebrities Martina Navratilova and Boris Becker have had success with homeopathy? You, too, can use homeopathy to treat sports injuries–for soreness after a workout–or after puttering around the house.

Relying on the principle like remedies cure like diseases, homeopathy uses minute amounts of medicine that cause similar symptoms in healthy people in order to facilitate healing.

Speed of action is homeopathy’s greatest value, according to Jean-Marcel Ferret, MD, team doctor for the 1998 World Cup-winning French soccer team. Along with providing a quick recovery, homeopathic medicines are drug-free and improve overall health and well-being.

Arnica First

Arnica is the single-most important homeopathic remedy, soothing pain and reducing swelling and bruising by mobilizing the body’s own healing response. While Arnica is almostalways the first choice, the success of homeopathy lies in its attention to individual signs and symptoms.

Bruises and Blows

Choose Arnica first; then follow with Ledum for black eyes or bruises that require an additional remedy. Bellis perennis is a specific treatment for injuries, such as blows to the breast; Ruta is effective for shin injuries or bruised bones.

Exhaustion and Overuse

Arnica relieves bodily soreness and exhaustion as well as shin splints caused by muscle soreness rather than tendon inflammation. Try Rhus tox. if stiffness tends to appear after–not during–a run. For tendon inflammation that is taking time to heal, use Ruta 6c daily for up to three weeks.

Sprains and Strains

If you’ve twisted a knee, ankle, or shoulder, use Arnica first. Follow with Bryonia if the pain worsens with movement, or Rhus tox. if stiffness and soreness improve by limbering up. If these remedies don’t do the trick, consider Ledum, which is helpful if bruising and icy coldness develop.

Ruta (6c daily for up to three weeks) will heal repetitive strains or injuries involving tendons, such as tennis or golfer’s elbow. When combined with attention to technique and/or sports gear, including footwear, Ruta can address the root cause of the discomfort.

Fear or Fright

When accidents happen, occasionally a person will be overcome with fear or hysteria. Aconite (30c) brings quick calm to the distressed individual. I have never needed to give a second dose, but if necessary, you may repeat every 10 to 15 minutes, up to three times after the initial dose.

To learn more about homeopathy and sports medicine, check out Homeopathy Awareness Week by visiting csoh.ca or worldhomeopathy.org.

Help With Homeopathy

Unless otherwise indicated, choose the most suitable remedy in a 30c potency, 3 to 5 pilules on the tongue, five to 10 minutes before and after food or drink. Repeat three times daily for up to three days, unless otherwise noted.

In homeopathy, take the remedy less often and stop as you feel better. If you do not experience relief after three doses, change remedies.

Consult your doctor for diagnosis of any serious injury or pain that does not respond well to treatment.

RICE: Complementary Treatment Speeds Recovery

Rest: Stop your activity, and even if you feel better, give your injury time to fully heal. Re-injuries resist treatment and take much longer to improve.
Ice: for 10 to 15 minutes, then reapply as needed, always allowing the area to warm up between applications.
Compression: Wrapping the injury helps to reduce swelling.
Elevate: to reduce swelling and minimize pain.

Homeopathy AwarenessWeek (HAW)

When: April 10 to 16, 2008
What: provides information, seminars, and discounts on homeopathy and related products and services
Why: in celebration of the 253rd birthday of Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy
Theme: this year’s theme issports medicine

An Ounce of Prevention…

  • Wear the most up-to-date gear to protect your body from injury, such as good-quality runners, helmets, and pads. Teach kids to use these items, as well.
  • Warm up and cool down for atleast 10 minutes to prevent strain and soreness.
  • Don’t push too hard; increase your training slowly and avoid training with someone who is in better shape than you.
  • Learn proper technique and teach kids the rules of the game as well as to watch out for others.
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