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The motivation to volunteer is different for everyone, but volunteering has many benefits for the volunteeer themselves. We talk to some volunteers in Canada.Every year, millions of Canadians voluntee

The Fascinating Reason Behind Why Your Dog Likes Playing With Plastic Bottles

What are Dogs & Why Do They Like Playing with Plastic Bottles? Many dogs enjoy the crunching sound of a plastic bottle a

Slippery Elm

Slippery elm bark\'s benefits were discovered by First Nations\' herbalists long ago. Today it\'s used to relieve colds, coughs, and digestive disorders.The small-leaved elm (Ulmus rubra and Ulmus fulva)

Starting School – Is Your Child Ready to Learn

Long before it actually happens parents can see it coming. Soon after our children begin to walk they begin to explore t

Wonderful Winter Stir-Fries

Stir-fries offer a colourful, creative way to prepare winter vegetables. Warm up with our healthy stir-fry recipes.Nature knows what it’s doing. During cold weather, winter vegetables react to the coo

Tips for Lighting an Aquarium

Lighting is an important component in your aquarium to ensure your fish remain healthy and happy. Appropriate amounts of

Understanding Dementia

Dementia is the loss of mental capacity - such as thinking, memory, and reasoning - severe enough to interfere with a person\'s daily functioning.A few months ago, a long-time patient brought her 69-ye

Cooking Times for Turkey – It Depends on Weight and Temperature

If your cooking times for turkey are exactly right, your guests for dinner will benefit in many ways:there will be more

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